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Why you should consider our clinics?


For instance, the cost of dental crowns may reach ZERO euros even in the case of a good insurance in your country. This fact is justified by the difference of dentistry costs between EU and Romania, in between 50 and 70% in the case of crowns.
Same Day Implants Expert Romania
We promise to offer the most advanced treatments, create the most beautiful and natural smiles by the most highly trained and caring team of people.

Our romanian dentists are highly regarded professionals worldwide because they regularly attend very intensive International Professional Development Courses and Conferences and they use State-of-the-art equipment and materials in their surgeries. They studied at universities throughout the world, consequently they are fluent in English.

Price comparisons for most popular dental treatments

Dental Treatment Our Prices
(starting from)
Average E.U. Prices
(starting from)
Your Savings
Dental Implant €400 €1300 €900
Ceramic Crown €200 €550 €350
Whitening €200 €550 €350
SKY Fast&Fixed 4 Implants €5500 €7500 €2000
SKY Fast&Fixed 6 Implants €6200 €10000 €3800
Veneers €300 €500 €200
Sinus Lift €500 €990 €490
Bone Addition €150 €550 €400
Zirconium Crown €370 €570 €200
Endodontic Teeth €70 €250 €180
Filling €40 – €70 €70 – €100 €30